Owner Builder Links
This page provides links to government websites, owner builder courses, and information for owner builders.

The following website provides useful information for owner builders. It outlines the important things you need to know when starting out as an owner builder.

It is essential that you obtain your owner builders permit and insurances before commencing construction.

The NSW Office of Fair Trading accredits owner-builder courses and supplies practical information for the owner builder.

The Building Commission website summarises the facts involved with owner building.

This website also provides substantial information for owner builders.

Energy efficiency legislation has been introduced all around Australia and can become quite overbearing. Country Kit Homes can provide advice on increasing your energy efficiency rating in your new home. Please contact us for more information.

The following site provides information on the NSW BASIX energy certificate.

Trying to get finance when building your own home can be a challenge. Country Kit Homes can recommend firms that understand the owner builders situation.

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